The Idea for Jet Set Share

Hi there!

Welcome to Jet Set Share! My name is Justine and I’m one of the founders. I’ve had the idea for Jet Set Share for quite a while. I’m an avid traveler that’s always thinking about where to go next. I keep my bucket list on a note in my phone, which I’m always updating. When I decide on a location for my next adventure, the first thing I do is start asking friend for details and recommendations. I’ll post a status on Facebook, ask people at work, etc. I trust the opinions of my friends and peers more than whatever I find on random travel sites. I know my friends have similar interests to me, so I know that the things they’ve done will be similar to what I will want to do, or what I will like.

My friends’ recommendations are great, but to get them I have to text, email and Facebook people to collect a random assortment of recommendations over various platforms. This process would get me so frustrated because it’s so antiquated! You sometimes have to harass your friends to send you their itinerary or a list of what they did. I would always think to myself – there has to be an easier way!

I wished their was a website just like this. Than I started realizing, maybe others want this as well…

In the past few weeks, I’ve been contacted a few times for travel recommendations. A friend recently texted me asking me about my honeymoon in South Africa. Then I realized that Jet Set Share could become a reality! I texted that friend back, saying YES, definitely go to South Africa, AND I promise that I will get you my itinerary and recommendations in just a few short weeks–when I launch my website for sharing travel itineraries.

This is how I came up with Jet Set Share: I wanted to create an EASY way for people to capture their travel itineraries and share them with friends.

For me, this website is everything! It will make my life easier when it comes to sharing my itineraries will friends, it will make it easier for me to access my friends recent itineraries, it will give me inspiration for future trips and best of all, I love that it creates a community of like-minded travelers!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!