How to Create a Killer Itinerary

Creating itineraries on Jet Set Share is easy AND fun. Your itineraries turn into a digital journal that you can always go back and access!

Killer itineraries will be more likely to be featured on our homepage and on social, but they’ll also be more relevant and reliable for your friends and other Jetters! When adding your itineraries think about what details you would tell a friend who is looking to do a similar trip.

Here are our tips for creating a great itinerary:

Title: Come up with a creative title to name your trip! For example:

Trip Description: Make this personal to your trip and answer the relevant questions a friend viewing this would have:

  • How long did you go for?
  • What time of year?
  • What did you pack?
  • Who’d you go with?
  • What did you like best or worst?

Cover Image: Add a unique image to make your itinerary stand out.

Itinerary Items: This is where your itinerary really starts to come together! Add the places you visited, restaurants where you ate, activities you did, the hotels you stayed in.

Use the google map search functionality to quickly search for your items, which then creates your trip map!

Feel free to add both places you loved, but also the ones you didn’t. Go into as little or as much detail as you want in the item description. For example: When describing a restaurant, mention dishes you loved or hated, or the time of day to go, or when describing a hotel, give details on where it is located in relation to other sites, and if the rooms were clean!

Add images to your itinerary items when you can.

Major tip: DON’T overthink this. This should be fun and you’ll get to reminisce on your trip 🙂

Happy Sharing!


Justine + Amanda