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Day Trip to Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam was a residence of the Prussian kings and the German Kaiser until 1918. Its planning embodied ideas of the Age of Enlightenment: through a careful balance of architecture and landscape, Potsdam was intended as "a picturesque, pastoral dream" which would remind its residents of their relationship with nature and reason.

Day Excursion to Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Visit to Berlin Olympiastadion

Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany

The Olympic Stadium is Berlin's largest sports stadium. It was built for the 1936 Summer Olympic Games, it now hosts major sports and entertainment events.
Berlin's Olympiastadion and Glockenturm (Olympic Stadium and Bell Tower) was built for the 1936 Olympic Games when the 2400m horse-racing track in the Grunewald district, by Otto March 1909, was demolished in 1934 to make room for a new National Stadium designed by March's sons Werner and Walter March and supervised by Hitler's Imperial Interior Ministry.

Dinner at Russian Tea Room

Tadshikische Teestube, Oranienburger Straße, Berlin, Germany

The tearoom was built as a Tajikistan pavilion at one of the Leipzig trade fairs in the 1970s. After the trade fair ended, the pavilion was donated by the Soviet Republic of Tajikistan to their East German hosts. The pavilion then moved to the first floor of Berlin's Palais am Festungsgraben.
The tearoom's lush interior is decorated entirely in a classical Persian style, with carved wooden pillars and thick Persian carpets. Tea and food are served on low wooden tables which are typical of central Asia. Guests sit on the floor, stretched out on comfortable cushions, and visitors are required to take their shoes off before stepping onto the carpet.