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Muckross Abbey

Muckross Abbey, Kerry, Ireland

While in Killarney National Park, I got to walk through Muckross Abbey. Muckross Abbey is both a modern Irish Graveyard, as well as an old Irish Monastery. This site dates back to the very beginning of Christianity forming in Ireland. The pictures shown here portray a glimpse of the ruins of a Franciscan frairy, as well as graveyard that is still in use to this date!

Torc Waterfall

Torc Waterfall, Kerry, Ireland

While on the Killarney National Park tour, the students and I came across the Torc Waterfall. This amazing waterfall is 70-80 feet high, offering amazing opportunities for tourists to get beautiful pictures of the waterfall, and the area surrounding this spot. Bike riding up to the waterfall also provided me with a spectacular view of Killarney National Park. Even though it took climbing up 100 steps to get to see this view, it was most definitely worth it.

The Town of Dingle

Dingle, Ireland

The town of Dingle had so many fantastic restaurants, shops, and activities to keep me very occupied while staying there. While there, I ate some of the best food I've ever had in my life, got some amazing pictures, and met some very friendly people. I never once found myself to be bored while study abroad here. There was always something to do in Dingle, whether it was checking out a new restaurant/ café, making St. Brigit's crosses/ taking a pottery class, or even souvenir shopping.

Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

The Dingle Peninsula was definitely a site to see. This beautiful peninsula contained remnants of what were once castles, as well as a holy well. While exploring this holy well, students were given the opportunity to drink the water that was flowing from this well. While being very skeptical to drink it at first, this water was the most pure, clean-tasting water I have ever had in my life.

Slea Head

Slea Head

During my time in Dingle, I made two visits to Slea Head - and I still feel as though it wasn't enough to capture it's beauty. Climbing up to the top of Slea Head may have been extremely cold and windy, but it was all worth it for the amazing view. While visiting Slea Head, I was able to see one of the cliffs where a segment of the new, Star Wars, movie was filmed. This cliff was an old monastic site known as, Ceann Sibéal. Visiting this site was so fascinating and I hope I get the chance to come back and see it again!