A Trip Down Memory Lane


I’m Amanda, one of the two founders of Jet Set Share!

My sister and I share a love for travel and we’re so excited to share our passion with the world. When she told me about her idea, I instantly knew she was onto something. Launching Jet Set Share is something that I’m really excited about.

For me, adding my itineraries was like a trip down memory lane. Your trips and experiences throughout the years mean so much more than just checking things off of your bucket list. These are memories that you will hold onto forever. I love that I have a place to look back and share my experience with other travelers.

Adding my first itinerary was an amazing feeling, being able to just click and share with my closest friends was awesome! I have now added several trips, from Honeymoon in Bali to my Bachelorette in Savannah and even my layover in Hong Kong!

Seeing my profile with my various trips I have added allows me to easily share and track my itineraries. Our google map feature is my FAVORITE part of my profile, seeing the pins across the world excites me, and makes me want to see more.

Jet Set Share allows you to create, share and ignite a wanderlust passion with your friends and family. It’s such an incredible opportunity to bring travelers from around the world together! Thank you for joining our journey, and don’t forget to keep sharing your stories, recommendations, and experiences!