Making Travel Shareable

Jet Set Share is a platform that connects jetters from around the world through creating and sharing itineraries, recommendations, and experiences.

1 Create an Account

Gone are the days of needing to text and email friends to get recommendations when planning a trip! Create an account to add and share your trip itineraries efficiently with friends- no mass Facebook status needed!

2 Add Your Itineraries

Take a trip down memory lane! Easily search and add the places you’ve stayed, restaurants where you’ve eaten, and activities you did. Include as little or as much detail as you want, and add photos to make your itinerary uniquely yours! With Google Maps integration, pins and more, record the full 4-1-1 on your latest adventures.

3 Share with Friends

This is the fun part! The next time anyone asks about your recent trip, easily share your photos, recommendations and memories with your Jet Set Share itinerary! All of your itineraries are kept on your profile so you can revisit anywhere, anytime!